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Traveling around the world has inspired me to capture some of the moments which are mostly overlooked or barely noticed. Having a passion for photography and taking pictures became fun as well as self-entertaining for me. My pictures are representatives of what I see in this world and what needs to be noticed. This world is beautiful and if one is truly familiar with the art of photography, then the most beautiful and enchanting sights can be caught in the eye of a camera. Studying an online course at New York Institute of Photography, I discovered various angles and dimensions at which photographs should be taken. I understand various dimensions which are needed to be considered in order to take perfect pictures and capture essence of life in them.

Renes.Photography is my personal account of what I have captured from around the world. My visits to different nations have inspired me to engross my life in taking pictures. I have traveled around the world! This includes some enchanting places like Cuba, USA (California, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina), Canada, Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, and Germany), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Hangzhou), Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Oman and UAE. My traveling has widened my spectrum of capturing pictures and made them look appealing to everybody. I believe beauty is in nature and a picture is best captured when one is able to take it naturally. My website is all about “Pictures from around the world”. I want to make my website a platform for display of my pictures of all the countries I have been to. Rene-Photography.de is my online portfolio for everyone who wants to purchase pictures that are ‘alive’.

My photography has given me the opportunity to express my feelings about the beauty of nature and man-made things all around the world. It has also enabled me to understand pictures as mediums of life and its essence engrossed in frames. Pictures are much more than images as they can express emotion, beauty and natural things around us. I want to be able to sell something so priceless and tell people about all the dimensions of a single photograph. Every picture I take is unique, has its own story and colors. No need to see life in 3D when my pictures from around the world have the ability to encompass beauty in life.

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My Equipment / 我的设备

Olympus OM-D E-M10

My newest addition to my equipment is my Olympus OM-D E-M10. For this camera I have multiple lenses. / 我的最新加入我的设备是我的奥林巴斯 OM-D e-m10。对于这台相机, 我有多个镜头。

My Former Equipment / 我以前的设备

Canon EOS 1000D

My seccond DSLR camera was a Canon EOS 1000D. I e.g. took photos in the States, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Havana, Varadero, etc. with this camera. / 我的数码单反相机是佳能 EOS 1000D。我用这个相机在美国、上海、北京、西安、哈瓦那巴拉德罗等地拍照

Panasonic DMZ-TZ61

The Panasonic DMZ-TZ61 is the Camera I have with me at all times. / 松下 DMZ-TZ61 是我一直拥有的相机

Minolta DiMAGE 7

My first DSLR was a Minolta DiMAGE 7 camera. I took photos on Barbados with this Camera. / 我的第一个数码单反相机是米诺塔迪玛格7号相机。我用这个相机在巴巴多斯拍了照片

Canon EOS 650D

My Canon EOS 650D is the camera I made the most photographs with. I use a Tamron 18-270mm lens / 我的佳能 EOS 650D 是我拍的照片最多的相机。我用的是塔姆龙18-270mm 镜头
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